A new video about uranium mining by Charmaine White Face

This video was posted on May 6 and talks about the legacy of all the abandoned uranium mines in this area. PowerTech will say that this is irrelevant to their proposal because they will use a new technology called ISL mining, not open pit. While that is true and they may very well introduce less uranium and other heavy metals into the environment, Charmaine’s point is that does not change the fact that our area is already suffering from the legacy of all the abandoned open pit uranium mines. There is no good reason to spend resources on any kind of new uranium mining when there is already so much here that needs cleaning up first. Any new amount of leak or excursion would be very dangerous considering the amount of uranium and other heavy metals already in our water and air.


For those of us who see ourselves as citizens of the planet, we cannot ignore the devastation caused by nuclear energy. Assuming that all of the uranium mined only goes to peaceful uses (which in reality cannot be absolutely guaranteed), we still cannot participate in the mindless destruction of our living environment. Looked at holistically, nuclear energy is not sustainable in all three phases; the mining of uranium, the operation of nuclear plants, and the disposal of the spent fuel rods after the fact. Shortsighted greed is not acceptable when it compromises the sustainability of life of the many on our planetĀ  for short term profits of the few.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” – Mr. Spock



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