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Our next class in the “Lighting the Lantern” series is tomorrow evening, Wednesday, March 9 at 6:30 pm. We will continue our discussion on the Upanishads and Hindu philosophy, focusing on Advaita Vedanta. The class is held at our home in Rapid City. The cost is $15.00, including class materials. All are welcome. Namaste, Y’all.
This current week is incredibly important due to Uranus about to enter Aries this Friday, March 11th. Uranus is currently sitting at 30 degrees Pisces, which is the last degree of the Zodiac. Think of a circle of 360 degrees. Uranus is on the last or 360th degree of the circle. Uranus is the rowdy planet that likes to foment revolution and shake things up. He is the life of the party, never dull, always unpredictable. It takes him 84 years to go around the circle, so for most of us we will not see this moment again in this lifetime. He also presides over the sign or energy of Aquarius, so he is showing us that the Age of Aquarius is here now. No more waiting. Any time that the degree of 30 Pisces is activated it makes our intentions and affirmations extra powerful. Because it is Uranus and because a larger cycle of thousands of years is also turning right now, the intentions and affirmations that we make for ourselves are 1000 times more powerful this week. So get busy and intend whatever you see as the highest and best for yourself that you can imagine. Do yourself a big favor and check out these three articles that Robert Wilkinson has up on his site:

“So through March 11 (12th if you’re in Europe and points east), dream your highest dream, imagine an ideal you could become, and during the times ahead, may you see your life offering you many chances to become your Highest Self. This is truly the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning!”

“As I wrote yesterday, we’re in a critical point of the “dream time,” where our self conscious and subconscious imagery will condition our long term future. This is the time to be clear about our expectations and assumptions and practice focusing our intention to bring forth a better Way, Truth, and Light in our life.
It has been stated “we create our own reality.” That’s not entirely true, since we all are within a much larger field of life that we did not create. There are greater and lesser creations in each life, each according to the nature of the creator.”

“Since we’re at the end of the long wave “dream time,” preparing to see our imagery take new forms in the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue yesterday’s theme of exploring what to dream and how to dream with an eye to what can and cannot be accomplished of our own will.”

The next Black Hills Full Moon Group will be held at our home on Friday, March 18 at 6 pm.
I will be participating at the Spring Equinox/Full Moon event at Global Market – 629 Main St, Rapid City, SD on Saturday, March 19 from 10 am until 6 pm. I will be doing Tarot and I-Ching readings.
These are truly exciting times that we are living in. The unified vision of humanity is emerging as Gaia takes its initiation and becomes a sacred planet. Today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Mary Ellen went to the park in the cold and snow here in Rapid City today to meet with her sisters and stand in solidarity with women all over the world. The women of Egypt and elsewhere will not be silenced. They will no longer stay in the kitchen. The Revolution is here. There is no going back. I knew it when a reporter asked a man from Tunisia why he had traveled hundreds of miles at his own expense and brought fresh vegetables to cook for the Libyan refugees massing on their border. She was puzzled and said “Why are you doing this, you are not part of any organized group. You are just an individual.” He replied- “Because I am a human being, and these people here in need are also a human being. That is why I am doing this.” Tears came to my eyes as I watched the One Humanity growing aware of itself as a Being in front of my eyes. There is truly only one of us here. The time is now.

Much love to all.

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