Northern Colorado Full Moon Group Saturday February 20, 2016

The Northern Colorado Full Moon Group will meet at our home, 1805 W 10th Street, Loveland, CO on Saturday February 20, 2016 at 6:00 pm. It is a potluck. The actual Full Moon will occur at 11:20 am Mountain Standard Time Monday February 22, 2016.  

This is the Full Moon of Pisces/Virgo:

2016 Pisces Meditation Theme

Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages

 Rounding out this year’s meditation focus on our Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation theme now, in Pisces, we gain further alignment to the Divine Purpose and Plan.

This particular new moon, the second following the winter solstice, heralds a fertile time each annual cycle. It is widely known as as Chinese New Year, also as Losar in the Tibetan Calendar.

In Christianity, this new moon commences the season of Lent, the annual cycle of cleansing for renewal.

This cycle’s full moon culminating the Pisces lunar cycle is soon after the zodiacal sign of Pisces commences, on Friday, February 19. This auspiciously coincides as the Sun joins in alignment with Fomalhaut, one of the Royal Stars that indicates Direction, from Earth’s perspective.

In the Hindu tradition, this lunar cycle ends with the holy festival of Maha Shivarati, this year on Monday, March 7.

Shivaratri, the cosmic merger of Shiva and Shakti, is celebrated on the dark moon of Magha. Shiva means higher consciousness and ratri means night, referring to the “dark night of the soul”, the state just before illumination. So Shivaratri is a symbol of the spiritual state of samadhi.

Shiva is the eternal faculty of awareness, the unchanging, unmoving spark of the divine in each of us. Shakti gives us the mind and body that are our tools for the direct perception of this divine awareness. The union of Shiva and Shakti is the primordial symbol of eternal communion with the divine. Here there is neither purity nor impurity, neither affirmation nor denial, neither form nor formlessness, but a state of superconscious being that is beyond all duality.

Satyananda Saraswati

Pisces, the sign representative of the World Savior, is similarly associated with the nature of Sacrifice. In consummation, another attribute of Pisces, we may eventually evolve Sacrifice into Bliss.

Bliss, we’re told by Alice Bailey, is the pure nature of Spirit and may be comprehended only upon the soul’s realization of oneness with divine essence, on the level of mind ~ following its at-onement with the personal self. (1)

The Bliss of Sacrifice is applied not just in the surrender of the lower self to reveal the higher. The bliss referred to is a profound effect of service, calling moreover for the “… death of that which is higher in the order and scale of being, in order to release that which is lower.” (2)

When the separated self comes to understand itself as a part of a greater life, we become willing to sacrifice ourselves for the good of the whole. We become strong enough to subordinate the self, the part, the fragment of the totality of life. Finally, the hero-soul realizes that there is in reality no separation at all, but one pervading Life. We learn the joy [or bliss] of sacrifice, for as we joyfully pour ourself forth as part of Life Universal, we truly understand that all Life is One, and that nothing has been lost. (3)

Our very experience affirms the recognition of the group Soul, present and active in our awareness, providing support and stamina. As we meet the challenges that arise during times of collective or individual crisis, we are thereby fortified.

The working disciples throughout the world are struggling with every means at their disposal to spread the gospel of sacrifice, because only upon sacrifice can world stability be safely founded ~ the sacrifice of selfishness. (4)

The present Piscean energies assist in summoning the World Saviour through sacrifice, as we align to this Plan and Purpose.

It is the living Christ (the living world Saviour) Who saves humanity. It is the sacrifice, day by day, in the process of daily living which can save the world … the sacrifice of selfish personal interests for the good of the whole and the giving up of one’s practical life to the salvage of the world. (5)

Souledout Pisces 2016

Our work is based on the writings of the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul as recorded by Alice Bailey. For more information on the writings of Djwal Khul, The Great Invocation, and the New Group of World Servers see:

Please connect with the group soul this Full Moon no matter where you are physically on the planet. Get together with friends and family. You will be glad that you did. Come on over to our place Sunday evening and celebrate with us, or celebrate wherever you are.

“There’s a temple on an island
I think of all the Gods and what they feel
You can only find them in the deepest silence
I got to get off of this big wheel

And I’m a Pisces fish and the river runs through my soul
I’m a Pisces fish and the river runs through my soul

And I’ll be swimming until I can find those waters
That one unbounded ocean of bliss
That’s flowing through your parents, sons and daughters
But still an easy thing for us to miss”

-Saint George Harrison

This is the Tarot Card for Pisces. The entire Spiritual Path is depicted in this Arcana. Can you see it? The human personality finally leaves the primordial waters after millions of years. It enters the Path of Discipleship and the pace immediately quickens. We work our way past the desire-mind and all its entrapments. Then we are ready to climb the peaks in search of the Light. But how do we pass beyond the Veil held in place by the two pillars? What is our personal “Dweller on the Threshold” that we must confront? What planets rule Pisces? Which one entered the sign of Pisces four years ago and what does that mean for Humanity? Kryon says that it is time to recalibrate. Dharmarucci says that it is time for Humanity to collectively dream a new dream. What say you?

In the midst of all the transitions please remember to breathe and know that the Planetary Elders are in charge. Now is a very good time to find the calm center within each of us. There is a plan. It is Light and Love. It is working out – sealing the door where evil dwells. Light and Love and Power are restoring the plan on Earth. So mote it be. And so it is.

Namaste.                    Mitakuye Oyasin.                

Pax Vobiscum.

Clay and Mary Ellen Uptain
1805 W 10th Street
Loveland, Colorado 80537


From Eisenhower and Van Buren take Van Buren 4 blocks south. Turn left onto West 10th Street. Our home is the next to last one on the left.

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