New Moon Solar Eclipse and Vernal Equinox March 2015

People are asking about the New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Vernal Equinox occurring on the same day. It just might be significant, Ya think?

Eclipses always shut down some things and open the door for new things to enter. And of course the Spring Equinox always signals new beginnings as life wakes up from its slumber and starts the cycle of growth everywhere. Our friend Robert Wilkinson has put up several articles on this unusual event. Here is a good place to start:

What does it mean, Clay? It means that good things are headed your way. Just keep a positive attitude and make your intentions known to the universe. This is an extra powerful time to forgive any past negative stuff. As always, start by forgiving yourself first. Remember that we counselors say-“Don’t should on yourself! There is no more time to procrastinate by telling yourself that you are not good enough. Know that you are divine. Here is another blogger that I apologize for not having the source. But the language is a little bit easier to understand:
Wow! In the realm of inner growth, boldly living our dreams and daring to let go of the past, it’s an exciting time, this month of March!
Astrologically speaking, the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of Friday, March 20th, as well as the Spring Equinox, heralds the end of an era of struggle, sacrifice and limited thinking. For each of us, the eclipse will illuminate that which has been in the darkness, such as a painful pattern, disempowering story, or an addictive habit that has kept you feeling small and unconsciously unworthy of your dreams.
Soon after the eclipse the moon moves into Aries, which gives you the impetus to start anew and begin acting on your heart’s desire.
It’s exciting because the new moon ushers in a new wave of inspired momentum, uplifting us to take the risk to live a more passionate soul-guided life. Let me be specific.
Nineteen years ago in March, a solar eclipse occurred at this same exact point in the zodiac, the very last degree of Pisces, which is also the last sign of the zodiac (hence the ending of an old story or outmoded way of being.) The same theme song of 19 years ago will be playing in your life again, offering you the chance to partner with your soul and say yes to take your life to the next level. This is about stepping forward in unbridled enthusiasm and renewed faith. In short, to believe in yourself!
Travel back in your mind to Spring of 1996. What was going on for you then, either internally or in your outer world? What was the theme of your life? What ended? And where did you experience a brand new beginning?
With the new moon solar eclipse in reflective, watery Pisces, you’re well supported to go into your imagination and let your spirit guide you to the answers to these questions. Be willing to do this inner reflection and you’ll be rewarded with insight. Friday’s eclipse is reawakening the same theme at a new level of growth and opportunity.
In my life in 1996, I had left the law six months earlier and committed to search for a new, passionate career. I was writing travel articles part-time out of my home and caring full time for my daughters, when I restlessly began to yearn for my own home office. I sketched out rough plans for converting our attached carport into a two-story tree house loft office, but with the cost of the remodel, we might as well have demolished the whole house and started from scratch. This began the search for a new home, not knowing where it would lead and how we could financially make it happen.
Still I followed the thread of my dream. Just for fun, I took my girls to open houses and kept dreaming of French doors, birds serenading me outside my many windowed, light-filled work space. I saw myself sipping coffee in my red flowered hand-painted mug, working happily and peacefully in a cathedral-ceiling, beautiful room of my own. I talked to realtors in new construction developments, knowing full well the model homes s were out of our price range. I started to act “as if” it could happen anyway.
Meanwhile, a 2/3 of an acre piece of land came on the market, just three blocks away but on more wooded, secluded and beautiful street called Castle Way. My heart raced at the idea of actually building our own custom-designed home on this gorgeous lot! I only needed a room of my own, but a whole dream house? OMG, I felt ecstatic imagining this pipedream! Practically-speaking, it was impossible though. Even if we could afford to build, which seemed out of the question, we had no funds for a down payment on the lot. Plus seven people had bid on the property!
Still we asked, is there any way we can make this miracle happen? Within a few days, the universe delivered to us a builder who was willing to buy the lot for us in exchange for payment once we secured our construction loan. I got an inspired nudge to write a letter and enclose a family photo exuding our enthusiasm for why they should sell to us. It worked–they chose us out of seven bidders! Thus began a 7-year, highly creative period for me, designing, building and playing in our very own custom home and gardens, all of which began as a tiny spark of desire in my restless heart.
My 1996 solar eclipse theme: free yourself to dream big and then follow the thread of inspired actions! Hold the outcome loosely in your mind … the essence of what you heart wants to feel and experience… and be open to it happening differently that you expected. As you take steps, keep your vision at the forefront.
What is your theme?
Here’s the thing, before we can let our dreams can take flight, we have to let go of the past or whatever is keeping us stuck.

For example, a few days ago, a close relative phoned me. Out of her mouth tumbled her feelings of shock and dismay. “How did I let my life get this bad?!” “Have I been asleep all this time?” And then the kicker, “I can’t even feel sorry for myself because I did this to me! I feel like I deserve the situation I’m in!” As hard as it was to hear her beat herself up, I could also see that the light of clarity was dawning for her. She’d been jolted out of her illusion that everything was alright when in reality, her pattern of perfectionism, anxiety and self-sabotaging procrastination was up for healing. That is, self-loving and compassionate attention, instead of self-whipping. Despite her past unproductive ways, which were now clearly coming to light, SHE is not bad or wrong. She is Love. She is Eternal Goodness. She has come here for a much deeper and more meaningful purpose than “being good” and “getting everything right.”
This new moon eclipse wants to illuminate for each of us the pattern that keeps us in the dark, thinking untrue things about ourselves and sabotaging our creative potential. It wants to bring us back to the empowering truth and reintroduce us to our real authentic selves.
What are your escape tendencies? We all have them–no self-judgment allowed here! The gift of this eclipse time is shining light on where you’re been deluding yourself, been in denial, or fond of escaping. It’s asking you to be honest about your co-dependence-where you see others or anything external as your source of well being. It’s asking you to return to the truth of your soul purpose; to realign with your life mission. To remember that partnering with the Divine is your ticket to “impossible” dreams coming true.
No one wants to feel pain but the way out of it is to move through it. This is where we’re being invited to seek support and not try to do it alone. The era of I can do it myself is over, thank goodness.
For me, theme for my ending is, don’t give my power away! I’m being nudged to be very clear on my heart’s desire and firmly stand up for what I really need. To stop settling and compromising. To look not in the direction of gaining the favor of naysayers, but to point my compass toward my dreams and boldly take action, one baby step at a time.
So I’ll ask you again, what is your ending? As we shed the mucky habits of the old era, we get to move ahead in lightness and joy, shining our lights even brighter! Do this, and I sense that you will be easily guided by your infinite spirit to your spark-filled, new beginning.
I hope this helps. Much Love and Light to all. Clay
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