The Black Hills Full Moon Group will meet at our home on Sunday, October 28 at 6:30 pm. It is a potluck.

2012 Scorpio Meditation Theme

Wielding the Electric Fire of Life, Infused with Life More Abundant
We Release the New Law of Ancient Dominating Good in Our World.

 During this month of the Scorpio full moon lunar cycle, may we take the time to create a sacred space … as all are asked once again to join in service on the inner planes to assist in bringing balance to the present challenges affecting the world events, and to the increased tensions that threaten human rights and prevent peace in regions and nations, as well as with the great call for humanitarian efforts where natural disasters and cataclysms have occurred.

As each may invoke reorientation on all levels, may all needs be met with the Light of Scorpio. For in present time energies are available to address even the greatest difficulties through the Yoga of Synthesis ~ holding all challenges in the light and undertaking them with united purpose.

Focusing on the Oneness of All, it is important to realize that there are systemic and cosmic forces affecting evolution today. From the much greater perspective, recognition of these extraplanetary influences may be helpful in approaching present world crises and the difficult situations everywhere, societal as well as interpersonal.

As the New Group of World Servers, our vision for the Divine Plan includes

The building of a new economic structure whose purpose is to manifest the growth and development of consciousness. This economy will convert all natural resources to the Spiritual betterment of humanity, meeting the common need whenever and wherever it is focused. (1)

This vision will further manifest the Principle of Sharing for all of humanity, as the economic system transforms so as to share the riches of the Spiritual Mind.

As we further explore our relationship with Deity, we may also envision the global economy based on balance and sharing, in which distribution of the world’s goods reaches all those in need. Food, fuel, clothing, medical expertise and supplies for everyone in all nations are details of the Plan to be brought about through our dedicated service, as we work together in harmony with Deity.

Time Stands Still
Impression regarding spiritual workers,
our financial, economic system and money

Scorpio Full Moon Festival

The Light of Scorpio reveals all within us ~ we see our strengths as well as our weaknesses. We know this light, this energy well. We have faced its testing process as we have traveled the great wheel over many cycles. Time and time again we have chosen the way of the Soul. We see that the Light of the Soul has triumphed, and that astral glamours have been dissipated by our work.

We are the great global grid, activated and charged by group meditation and service. We are many minds becoming one mind, we are preparing the way for humanity’s next initiation.

With the Light we, Humanity as Lightworkers, penetrate all illusion and can now see the Life for what it is ever more clearly. It is appropriate to ponder whether there is more that we can do, any more that can be lifted to the light. This is our work, this is our service.

The Light of Scorpio calls on us now to face another test. A turning point in the life of humanity is grasped, the Path of Initiation is ours to walk. We see and know within that this higher path brings us into alignment with true spiritual Will.

The world around us cries out for help. The Love of God, in Scorpio, asks us to now face these tests not as individuals but in group. We are asked to demonstrate that united as One we can hold, ground and direct this energy, bringing The Light of Life to all those suffering in our world. 

Keep Your Eye on the Eagle
Call Down the Fire
Do Not Look at the Ground
Be Centered in Divinity

Our work is based on the writings of the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul as recorded by Alice Bailey. For more information on the writings of Djwal Khul, The Great Invocation, and the New Group of World Servers see:

Please connect with the group soul this Full Moon no matter where you are physically on the planet. Get together with friends and family. You will be glad that you did. The actual Full Moon is on Monday October 29 at 1:50 pm Mountain Standard Time. As soon as the Sun entered Scorpio it made a trine to Neptune in Pisces then a conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio. What does it mean, Clay? Come on over to our place Sunday evening and we will discuss it together. Happy Samhain!

Dia De Los Muertos, Halloween, and All Saint’s Day 2012

by Robert Wilkinson

During late October every year, the Sun in Scorpio blesses us with a time to honor our Eternal connection with those who have died before us. This period, known many places as “Dia de los Muertos,” or “Day of the Dead,” is dedicated to celebrating life and “all our relations.”

Here is the link to Robert’s article:

In the midst of all the craziness please remember to breathe and know that the Planetary Elders are in charge. Now is a very good time to unplug from the negative news and find the calm center within each of us. There is a plan. It is Light and Love. It is working out – sealing the door where evil dwells. Light and Love and Power are restoring the plan on Earth. So mote it be. And so it is.

Namaste.                    Mitakuye Oyasin.                

Pax Vobiscum.

Douglas Clayton Uptain
Mary Ellen Uptain
4105 Woodbine Place
Rapid City, SD

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