It is a new day

Hello everyone. Have you noticed how quick the quickening is quickening now? Things are going so fast these days that I can hardly find the time to write about it.

First up is the recent New Moon in Aries. Was this just another New Moon? Oh no, it most certainly was not. It fell into place this past Sunday morning, April 3. If you did not already have a fire lit under you, I bet that you sure do now. Remember that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and is cardinal fire. This means that it is initiating, impulsive, assertive, enthusiastic. Boring NOT! Oh and while we are at it lets just throw in Mars entering Aries on Friday and making the conjunction to Uranus on Sunday, same day as the New Moon. Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is like lighting the fuse on the fireworks display. Couple that with the New Moon in Aries and you have a very exciting show indeed.

But wait, there is more. You also get this New Moon making a tight opposition to Saturn and a conjunction to Jupiter. Holy Toledo! The hits just keep on coming. Let me see now. We have a bunch of planets in the fiery and initiating sign of Aries all opposing Saturn in Libra. What does it mean, Clay? Well it means many things, but if I were Kadafi  I would start looking for a retirement villa pronto. All of the old despot tyrants in the world are on resuscitators now. In that sense Saturn in Libra represents the old stodgy dictators (Saturn) trying to hold on to their government (Libra). But the rabble has now been given the gift of fire by the gods and I hear that they are burning down the gates to the castle. All the old confining rules and restrictions are out the window. Every time that I here some young person in the Mideast say something like “we just want our freedom and dignity” I say Viva La Revolucion! It truly is a new day.

For the individual Saturn in Libra says time to really and finally get over any sense of being a victim. For the spiritual seeker we must fully face the Lords of Karma and affirm that we have created and are responsible for  our lives. Here is all this energy in Aries literally bursting at the seams to take off with our new life. So who needs the baggage of past hurts, real or perceived? Did a past lover, employer, or friend hurt me? Could be, but I chose to stay in that situation. Now that I have chosen to move on (and you have moved on, haven’t you?) it is past time to let the old emotional energy around those hurts to dissipate. Mercury retrograde in Aries is giving us all one final chance to throw the old baggage out the window because the train has already left the station and is rapidly accelerating. As I write this the Sun is rapidly closing on a conjunction to Jupiter for Wednesday morning April 6. The future is now so bright that I gotta wear shades. As we roll off into the bright morning we may affirm one or more of these:

I release my past

I am responsible for the choices that I make

I align myself with the highest good and the will of the Creator

Here is Robert Wilkinson’s take on the New Moon:

This will be an extraordinary New Moon period, where we can see the momentum that will lead us into new long term fulfillment beginning May 2011. This is truly the birth of a new understanding, an ability to see where we need to move into a greater adventure and effectiveness, and a point where truly we can emerge out of unconsciousness into a new awareness of the collective role we’ve left behind. We shall all find new strengths, from which a new sense of peace and power will come.


The planet Neptune takes about 168 years to go around the circle, so it is in a given sign for about 14 years. On Monday, April 4, Neptune entered the sign of Pisces, which is the sign of its rulership. Neptune’s Greek name is Poseidon, and he rules the ocean. Carl Jung refers to the ocean as our Collective Unconscious. Emphasis is on the collective or universal nature. This is not about the individual. This is about the Memories, Dreams and  Reflections of the entire human race. Ever notice how small you feel when you actually go swimming in the ocean? Good. Humility is good. Hubris not so much. In his seminal work The Tarot Paul Foster Case points out that “The Hanged Man” corresponds to Neptune. The significance is that

……Every human personality is completely dependent upon the All……Until we know that of ourselves we can do nothing, we shall never attain to adeptship. The greater the adept, the more complete his personal self-surrender.

Our Pisces Age Avatar Jesus said “Not my will but thine be done.” So as we align our individual will with the Divine Will we are able to merge our individual personality with the one unified being that is humanity. We get a more clear vision of what our service to humanity is and We act on it now.

Ultimately we also feel our connection with all sentient beings. That is why we cannot pour nuclear radiation into the ocean. Now that Neptune has entered Pisces we have a deepening understanding that all living things are our relatives. And as Ram Dass so beautifully said-You wouldn’t do that to Uncle Harry, would you?

For those of you who are willing to get metaphysical check out this amazing and insightful article on dreaming a new dream for our culture:


Next up is our ongoing class Lighting the Lantern. We will meet next Monday April 11 at 6:30 pm. All are welcome. We will be reading the second half of the Bhagavad-Gita.

The Full  Moon of Aries falls on Palm Sunday April 17. We will be holding our                 Black Hills Full Moon Group on Saturday April 16 at 6:30 pm. This coming Full  Moon is the first of the three great festivals of our year and is known as the Festival of Easter or The Risen One. I will post the complete article on that in a few days.

Mitakuye Oyasin-All My Relations  Namaste  Pax Vobiscum

Clay Walks With Fire



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